Thursday, August 4, 2011

A not-so-bright idea


  1. What are you saying? That saving energy and ultimately money because of the greater durability of CF lights is a bad thing?

    Here in Brazil, over 95% of all lighting, residential and commercial is CF bulbs. In my home, there are only two very small halogen bulbs in beside lamps. Everything else is CF bulbs. We don;t live in the dark or suffer from low light conditions. So it IS a bright idea, unlike your cartoon.

  2. Either Brazil has magic CFL bulbs that actually produce a pleasant light, or you have simply forgotten what it was like before these toxic monstrosities began taking over.

    I think it's a wonderful thing to save energy and money, but that should be dictated by the free market, not a handful of government bureaucrats. Personally, I would gladly pay a few cents more each day in energy costs if it meant being able to have rooms that light up completely the instant I flip on the switch.

  3. Try the Daylight CFL bulbs. They output a light that registers higher on the kelvin scale. It's a higher quality light that is closer to a white/blue than the dull yellow most people are used to thinking of when talking about CFL bulbs.


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